Monday, April 27, 2009

Lunch at the park

What is it about ice cream and a warm sunny day?

I've just finished up a very yummy Snicker's ice cream bar after meeting up the girls and Nate at the park for lunch and some play time. Hopefully lunchtime and the park will become a habit, but the ice cream will not!

It has also been decided that I need to make a bunch of Heather Ross' Ruby Bloomers from her book Weekend Sewing as Charlie and Peyton's official summer uniform. Yeah for pretty fabric and an excuse to pull out the sewing machine!! The sad/funny part is I think Miss Peyton (at 8 months) can probably wear the same size as her 2 year-old sister! She needs to start crawling so she can balance out her healthy appetite! Oh, well, she's just being economical in the clothing department.

But regardless, where did my monster babies come from? I'm 5'2" and Nate isn't much taller. I spent most of my childhood under the 25% on the growth chart and my girls have never dropped below 75%!!!! How very strange. . . .

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