Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Boots & Pigtails


I bought some new rain boots as well as tennis shoes for Charlie yesterday. Loved the boots. Didn't want to take them off. I think she likes that she can put them on by herself. It's supposed to rain today, so perhaps she'll get to break them in.

As for the tennis shoes, I bought 2 pairs with plans to return 1 after I tried them on her. One pair were still "baby" shoes and the other toddler. As far as the sizes go, barely any difference, but the baby shoes have a wider, flatter toe while the toddler version more closely resemble an adult shoe with a pointier toe. She might have heard me call the one pair "baby shoes" when trying to explain the difference to Nate, because she quickly latched on to the other after that, even though she was preferring the other before. The fit was unoticeably different, so toddler shoes it is!!!


Nate also requested that I "do something" with Charlie's hair before I left, so a few minutes and tears later, pigtails are in place. Better get used to it kid, cuz I think this is your new summer hairstyle.

Any ideas, suggestions on other ways to keep her hair out of her face and off her neck for the summer heat? (or even more gentle ways to get pigtails that won't fall out!!)

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