Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nice to meet you!

I figured now would be a good time to introduce my family as they will undoubtedly pop up from time to time. Well, most likely ALL the time!

This is my beautiful family: everyone in the pjs, sassys in place, watching TV.

Peyton Grey is just about 8 months old and an absolute angel. Sweetest, chubbiest baby you'll probably ever see. And I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom. This kid doesn't cry. . .unless she's sick. Unfortunately, she gets lots of ear infections and has reflux, so she does cry, but once we get that under control, all we'll ever hear from her is squeals of joy!

Charlie Reese is one rough and tumble girly girl. She wants to do everything for herself and her favorite song is Happy Birthday. Very funny, and so so sweet. Never stays clean for too long, so though future pictures may not reflect it, she is bathed regularly!!!

Nate is my husband of 5 years and the reason I stay afloat. He's one of those guys who grew up playing football, soccer, and roughing it out in the woods, but goes against the "norm" and is our resident cook and probably does more than his share of the household stuff.

Right now, as the economic situation has hit a whole lot closer to home than we would have liked, he is staying home with the girls during the day. Yesterday was his first day and so far, so good! He said he had a lot of fun and was joking about starting a Daddy Daycare. I told him to give it a little more time before he started making those plans. . .but then you never know!!

I honestly couldn't find any photos of myself. I tend to be the one behind the camera, but I'm sure I'll pop up sooner or later. I'm a full time Mom with a full time job. I am a graphic designer, working in the marketing department with Griffin Technology, as of last week. Prior to that I was in the packaging department which means that if you go to the electronic section of your favorite store and look closely at the Griffin products, you may see Charlie's and Peyton's name pop up on the iPods from time to time. Silly but fun.

I love to sew and I love to create from my own head instead of patterns. The downfall of that is that I've never been trained how to make patterns, so slowly I'm learning. I hate buying stuff that I KNOW that I could make. However, I don't have the time to do all that I wish—nor the money, for that matter! I prefer to create things so that I know I have a one of a kind piece instead of following the masses. I try to be a sponge and draw inspiration from anywhere and everywhere! I really can't "name" my sources because they are too diverse and ever changing.

Well. . . that turned out sort of long! Especially considering I wasn't sure what topic to cover today! I look forward to meeting new friends and learning more about old ones over the course of this blog. Hope everyone has a lovely Tuesday!!

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