Tuesday, April 28, 2009

on the plus side

Even though I would rather my husband were not unemployed right now, there is a definite upside. Mornings are no longer a crazy, stressful mad-dash to the door just to get the girls to daycare on time.

At lunch-time, weather permitting, I can spend an hour with my 3 most favorite people at the park.

And when I get home I am greeting by cheerful squeal of "Mommy!!!" through the open living room window.

Then, instead of rushing around trying to get dinner on the table, the house picked up, baths and bedtime in, we have time to do a little bit of this:



some of this:


and just enjoying the great weather, the green grass and some quality time together.

Sort of makes me think about staying home once Nate goes back to work. . .


  1. Wow your oldest looks like a mini you! Both of your girls are beautiful!

  2. Haha!! Yah, I get that. My Mom says it's weird when she watches her because she feels like it's me all over again. People tend to think Peyton looks just like her Daddy, too. Sometimes I disagree, but not this morning. This morning they were hanging out and I was shocked by how much they look alike!


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