Thursday, April 30, 2009

New pile of fabric. . .

I purchased a bunch of fabric last night to be turned into bloomers for the girls over the next few days.


Hopefully I'll actually have time to whip them up!

As easy as I expect these will be—I hope I've done more complicated things than bloomers!!!—they are presenting something new for me: sewing with elastic thread. I'm kind of looking forward to learning something new as I can see many applications for that method of sewing.

From Heather Ross's book Weekend Sewing

I'm also making plans to purchase a bunch of fabric and patterns for myself. Desperately need some new summer clothes. Oddly, most of my "good" clothes seem to be maternity clothes. . .I wonder how that happened? Oh yeah, I've been pregnant most of the last 2 1/2 years!!

I'm really bad about walking into a fabric store and just feeling completely overwhelmed by all the beautiful fabric and possibilities that I just can't decide and wind up walking out with nothing. (If I were rich, this wouldn't be a problem as I would just buy at least 3 yards of everything!!) So I'm using the internet to my advantage and am planning out what I want, making a list and actually thinking about having it all shipped to me. There are 2 fabric stores that carry the lines of fabric that I like around here. 1 of them is very proud of said fabric and charges much more than anyone else for it and the other is on the other side of town and for some crazy reason, is just really difficult for me to get to at this point! Plus, they never have what I wanted when I want it, so it just messes my plan up and then I get overwhelmed. . .you see where this is headed.

I found an online store that seems to have EVERYTHING and will ship for free on orders over $50. I may be in love. No more strollers in fabric stores that don't have aisles wide enough for us to fit through! No more fitting in a trip between naps! No more being disappointed by the fabric I had my heart on not being available! Hopefully, this relationship will work out.

One last photo:


When did this little lady get so skinny? She used to be a chubby baby like her little sister.
Plus, she used her potty for the first time last night!! Surprised her a little. I don't think she realized THAT was what was supposed to happen. Aww! My little girl is getting so big!

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