Thursday, April 23, 2009

obsessing. . .just a little

So, I know what I want this blog to look like, well, to start anyway. But I'm much too rusty with my html skills (it's been a few years since those multi-media classes in college) and don't have the time to dig back and refresh myself!!! I'm having to be very disciplined to not spend all my hours at work pouring over the code! Sad. very sad.

Yesterday, after Peyton's surgery, I had to go to Target to fill a prescription for her. While there I found little pink tank tops for each of the girls and decided to embellish just a bit.

Not sure when I'll get them to the sewing machine as I'm heading to Memphis this weekend to meet my best friend's new little lady, Zoe. She was born this last Saturday (I like to think of her as my birthday present!!!!) and I cannot wait to see her! If I didn't have my own family, I would have been camped out at her house just waiting for her to go into labor.

I will have photos of the sweet little baby on Monday!! I'm so excited!!!!!!

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