Thursday, June 25, 2009


So sorry for the lack of posts! I have been very busy doing and haven't been at a computer much the last couple of weeks. I have however been to Hobby Lobby everyday. EVERY day. We've been spiffing up the office at work for the arrival of some important buyers, who happen to be cloistered in the main conference room as we speak. That meant much framing of artwork that I did for a previous event and as things never go quite as planned and new needs come up each day, I spent a lot of time at the craft store buying things not for myself. So glad it's (almost) over!!!

(from Father's Day—notice the tie that Charlie made & her home-made popsicle)

At home we (mostly Nate) are working on a bunch of projects. Nate just finished an enclosure for all his tools and just had all the lumber delivered for a deck yesterday! As a bonus for us, Nate had asked for 10 foot lumber and they sent all 12 foot, which means our deck just grew 2 feet!!! It's nice having a husband in the construction industry who knows people.

I'm dabbling with a bit of sewing, tracing patterns and coming up with a few ideas of my own—now if I'd ever have time to actually complete anything in that realm, I'd be doing good!


A larger project that I'm working on is that I'm refinishing a pair of dressers for the girls. From the story I'm getting, they were Nate's as he was growing up, so they've been beat up pretty well. I'm using this dresser ( in blue) as inspiration for how I'd like them to end up. Cross you're fingers!!

I promise to have photos of all the projects soon!!



  1. Wasn't Charlie wearing that outfit Peyton has on just last summer?

  2. Not sure if you've noticed, but Peyton isn't exactly small. I think technically, Charlie still fits in it too. I had her in the shorts at least a few weeks ago.


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