Friday, June 26, 2009

new (almost completed) deck

When I got home last night, Nate had gotten pretty far on the deck. It's so exciting to see things come together around our house and especially when they come together so quickly!


I helped Nate a little (ie. I went to the store to get some QuickCrete) and passed over the deck to get back into the house. As I crossed over, I caught a whiff of the new lumber and sawdust and was instantaneously taken back to my childhood. The smell was subtle, but the memory was very strong. It was the fragrance that was part of my daily life.


My Dad, along with the help of my Mom and any other relative or friend that was willing, built our house from the ground up almost entirely by himself (ie. no proffessional help). He started when I was 5 years old and we moved into the basement when I was 6. I remember the late nights that my parents spent working deep into the night with the help of can lights while my brother and I slept in sleeping bags as they framed in the house. Taking baths in a rubbermaid tub. Picking up nails for a penny a piece to help out my Dad. Climbing ladders and wearing my own tool belt complete with a hammer and nails. Roller skating around the newly enclosed interior of the house.


It's so funny how such a simple smell can bring back so many memories. My childhood was very atypical— That house wasn't finished until after I graduated from highschool—and things were a bit chaotic and stressful at times as a result. But I have so many REALLY great memories from it that honestly, I can't wish that it had been any different. Every day was an adventure and we were allowed to explore, and create, and enjoy the whole process right there with my parents and family. Of those early years, I have nothing but warm, fond memories.


So, I look forward to going home again tonight and seeing what Nate accomplished with Charlie by his side. I know that she's pretty young, but I hope that some day she'll pass some newly cut lumber and be taken back to the time she spent with her Daddy as his side kick.



  1. Amy (Schroeder) JamesonJune 30, 2009 at 9:22 PM

    I have fond memories of your house being built, too! :) I remember thinking that it was so cool that it wasn't finished. Not too sure why, but I'm sure my elem. school aged mind made some sense of it! I remember, too, when it was the farthest house east in that subdivision. Now when I drive by I have to look hard to find it! Do your parents still live there?

  2. Yes they do! And my Dad bought the whole cul-de-sac so even though the area is well developed they have a bit of space.

  3. Amy (Schroeder) JamesonJuly 10, 2009 at 4:30 PM

    That's so cool! Glad they have the room, too. You can't plan on what will be built after yours. I remembered being sick with strep throat (not knowing it until I was waking up at your place from spending the night) and trying to eat your mom's yummy pancakes in the morning...they hurt going down, but I so wanted to keep eating them. I think I ended up getting you (or someone else in your fam) sick, too. That wasn't so good!


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