Friday, June 12, 2009

Potty Training

We're doing it. Jumping in. Both feet.

I'm a little nervous.

We bought a book for Charlie.

And a book for us.

We have a "big girl potty"

and a toilet ring, because, well, you never know.

Charlie picked out her very own big girl princess panties.

and some pull-ups, just in case things don't go quite like the book says (but it says every time is different and frustrating, so I guess they've got it covered).

Did I mention I'm a bit nervous? I think she's ready, but I also know this could be a very difficult weekend. So, umm, any advice, stories, or words of encouragement would be great!!!

And I'll report in later!


  1. is it going?
    a few days at home to focus on it...and being very relaxed about it helped us.
    and being naked as much as they can handle.
    the kid is allowed to be naked...not you. :)
    good luck!
    it's a big step!

  2. Potty training went so easily. They say it's stressful, but really it wasn't! Perhaps that's because we accepted that there were going to be accidents from the get-go and dedicated a few days to potty training so that it way it didn't feel like the process was getting in our way of doing stuff. . .???

    After about 4 days she was very rarely having accidents. So yeah for Charlie!!


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