Friday, June 26, 2009

Smells & Memories

So my last post has gotten me thinking. There are a few smells that automatically take me back to a specific place, just like the cut lumber. For example, one particular lotion I used to use while in college. I had never used it before or after until a few months ago. As soon as I opened that new bottle, I might as well have been back in my college dorm room!

Am I the only one? Does anyone have any Smell/Memory combos out there in blog land? I'd love to hear about them!


  1. I have tons!
    1. My mom has this body spray, and while it smells nice to her and maybe others it totally reminds me of my A&P human cadaver labs...the smell of formaldehyde and dead bodies...nice I know, but it takes me back there EVERY TIME! It was my favorite class in the end. Also febreze takes me back there too! (since I use to spray myself in tons of it to cover up that same smell!)

    2. Old musty smells always make me think of my college dorm...

    I shall just leave it at those two! I love your blog it is so fun!

  2. The smells of different books do it for me. I adore the smell of books (well, most books). Occasionally I'll press my nose into the open pages of one, inhale deeply... and suddenly I'm flooded with memories of a book I read in fifth grade, or in high school, or whenever.... books that I haven't thought of in years, and suddenly they're back in vivid detail.


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