Wednesday, June 17, 2009

(Not) Making the Cut

Have you seen that book out by Jillian Michaels? That trainer from The Biggest Loser? I've only ever watched maybe 15 minutes of the show so I only sort of know who she is, but her book, Making the Cut did look pretty good. It's for people who are already in moderate shape and are just trying to loose 20 pounds or less.

Along with all the talking, it has a 30 day menu plan for each of the three ways people metabolize their food as well as a 30 day work out plan. (that's what caught my eye) Every step of the work out is written out for you. No guessing that what you're doing may work. She's got it all right there.

I should have realized when I saw the fitness test to see if you are in shape enough to do the 30 day workout in this particular book. Really. How could I not have seen it coming? In the last 35 months I have been pregnant for 18 of them, not allowed to even do a sit-up for 4, and slowly attempting to get back in shape for 6 only to find out that I was pregnant again, and am now trying to get back in shape again.

Currently, I do yoga at least once a week, but even that makes me painfully aware of how out of shape I am. I try to walk on my lunch break, but am not as successful about getting there as I plan.

So really? What was I thinking? In a 5 circuit workout that has no resting except 30 seconds between circuits, I made it a little over half way through the 3rd circuit before I fell in a heap to the floor, gasping for breath, not able to move and feeling like I was going to throw up. I haven't been that exhausted since I pushed out a 7 pound baby!

I don't think I want to be that in shape anyway. Jillian sort of looks unhappy on the cover.

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  1. "Jillian sort of looks unhappy on the cover"... and I bet kinda manly, too.


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