Tuesday, June 16, 2009

(very) quick update

So sorry to be MIA on you! I've been absolutely swamped at work and the potty training is taking quite a bit of time and energy at home!!

However, potty training is going very well. Charlie is very happy to be wearing big girl panties and seems to be catching on. Hasn't completely mastered the muscles to hold it in every case, but she's trying and it often results in some pretty funny little dances and leg crossing.

Nate even called to tell me that she told him she had to go BEFORE she went while they were outside swinging, followed by a mad dash to the house in order to make it in time!. (small victories are a big deal)

I'll have my camera unloaded soon and promise some cute pictures of Peyton and her new tricks, shots from our garden and some day very soon, a smocking tutorial—just in case, like me, you haven't tried it yet.


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