Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And you think your morning was bad. . .

This morning was a bit. . .trying.

Last night I didn't sleep even though I was in bed, lights off at 11:30 (as I mentioned in the previous post). So I'm tired. And I don't feel too great. Scratchy throat.

Getting the girls into the car was not as easy and seamless as I'd like it to be. Big Sister climbed into the driver seat while I was putting Little Sis into her car seat. No big deal, right? Well, she was honking the horn incessantly. Neighbors were coming to their doors to see what was going on.

At daycare, both girls cried when I left which isn't normal.

Then I got to work. I grabbed my purse and thought, hmm. . .I should have something else.

I had left it on the roof of my car. . . .might it still be there??

Of course not.

So I'm freaking out a little bit. I mean, what are you supposed to tell your boss when something like this happens?

So I'm praying that in some crazy miraculous turn of events I'll find it safely sitting in the grass next to my drive way.

I didn't.

So I start to retrace my drive back to work. At this point, I'm just hoping to find the stupid machine. As I'm turning onto the on-ramp Briley Parkway I see it, laying in the middle of the road. I quickly pull over, rush out into traffic—OK, not really but it sounds better—and pick up the laptop in it's bag. I can already tell the bag has some holes in it, but overall, it doesn't look too awful.

I open it up and to find this:

All four corners were smashed up and it kept trying to eject an imaginary disc, but it still works even though I can't open it all the way. Whew! (sort of. . .)

My IT guy said he's going to get me a new one with a briefcase and handcuff attachment. And maybe ratchet straps to tie it down to the top of my car.

So I guess, it's turned out OK. I'm not fired. People are laughing. And I have a new haircut.

(although if you get a new haircut, I do advice that you don't do something that trumps the haircut—unless you don't want all the attention a new haircut brings.)

Hope your morning is going well!!



  1. Oh my gosh, what a morning!

    (Let's see the new 'do!)

  2. Ugh, that sucks! Sorry about your computer! At least it sounds like it all turned out OK. I hope your day gets better!

  3. Oh my goodness-I'm so sorry your day started that way. But most importantly, does your hair look good? ;}


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