Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm stuck

During the week leading up to Little Sister's Birthday festivities, my sewing machine died.


No hope.

It was cheap, I got it at Target. It's internal parts were made of plastic, so really what did I expect. It was a good machine for me while it lasted though. (Mainly because it was cheap :) )

So in the meantime, I'm borrowing an older machine from my Mother-in-law who is the maven of finding amazing thrift store deals. The machine I'm using is a Brother MV757 that she picked up for $15.
I really don't know how she does it! I never find anything when I hit thrift stores.

Anyway, the machine works great! I almost wouldn't mind keeping it in fact. There's just this one little thing.

I can't get it to make nice button holes.

I've messed with the tension and stitch length, etc, but just can't get it sorted. So I have a dress all done for Big Sister that she can't wear because it needs button holes for the straps.


(it's really cute too! So I'd really like for her to wear it.)

So until I get a new machine I'm really not sure what to do. And no idea when I'll be getting a new machine. Maybe I'll just keep sewing and anything that needs a button hole will sit on a pile waiting for the new machine.

Or maybe I can convince my husband that I really need one now. . .and a serger while we're at it. . .


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  1. Did you see my serger doesn't work? UGH! Back to Walmart it goes.
    And if you want to you can stop by this weekend and sew some button holes. Just let me know!


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