Sunday, September 6, 2009

You Pick

OK, OK, OK—Maybe you won't actually pick. But you will greatly influence which one I pick. (and maybe we'll both pick the same one!)

Afterall, it is because of your comments that I'm even showing you another round, so your opinion does matter!!

I took into consideration some of the things that were said either on here, or on Facebook, and thought I'd look at the logo again to see if it works to reverse the order of the names. To be honest, I don't care. One doesn't sound incredibly better to me than the other. What's more important to me is the way they look on the page. I guess that's why I'm a designer and not a writer!!

So once again, here's Grey & Reese:

and newly crafted, Reese & Grey:
Reese & Grey_Final

So let me know which one you like better. . .and why. Why always helps.



  1. hey lori, i like grey and reese better. i like the overall shape it creates and the words and curls seem to fit better there.
    good luck w/ your business! i'm doing the same thing right now (i'm setting up on etsy), but i'm not selling clothing. i wish i could sew!

  2. Hey Lori! First of all, I love your business concept! I can't wait to see all your beautiful creations. :)

    I really like the sound of "Grey and Reese" and like the way the words fit together, with the "R" descender kinda embracing the whole thing. I prefer the ampersand on the "Reese and Grey" logo though. I just think it reads better, for some reason.

    I'm with Lauren—I wish I could sew! Maybe you could give us lessons. :)

    I hope you have lots of success with this new venture. I'll keep your blog bookmarked!

  3. Thank you both!! It's like we're back in college for class critiques!

  4. ok, I am guessing my previous comment may have prompted the change...I like the looks of Grey and Reese it fits well together. But I do like Jeff's idea of forgoing the "&" and maybe namining your company Reese Grey (like a psuedo name all mysterious...ha!) Or reverse it and Grey Reese either way.
    I still feel like though big sister's name should be first only to deter future headaches of jealousy...but you know your daughters and you may be able to tell if Charlie would care or not. I know as a big sister I wouldn't care, but that is my personality...Ok I am really not helping am I?!

  5. As a younger sister, it's kind of nice to see my name first every once in a while!


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