Thursday, September 17, 2009

Such a bad Mom. . .

This morning could have been the easiest of all mornings.


It's pajama day at school.

The good Moms all woke their kids up, changed diapers and had potty time with their toddlers, put their shoes on and headed out the door. (Breakfast is served at school)


Well, I forgot it's pajama day. So I had to hunt down pants, convince Big Sister to wear her dress, track down shoes that we had in our hands 5 minutes earlier, and because all of this took so long, figure out something for them to eat for breakfast as we had missed breakfast at school. Then we got to school and Big Sister is one of a very small handful in her class that are fully dressed (at least I'm not the only bad Mom).

So I feel like I've let me kid down, hope she doesn't notice and won't feel left out AND could have had a breeze of a morning.


Will I ever get it together?


1 comment:

  1. Now you have an excuse to have pj day on Saturday and Sunday! :)


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