Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yellow Birthday Party—eat cake

I made Peyton her very own little yellow cake. Not as elaborate as I had originally planned, but I excepted defeat early on the mini-bee cake and realized I just didn't have the correct supplies to pull if off.

Really, you should be proud of me. I don't usually take this route. Normally, I would forge on, stress out, cry, stress out everyone around me, and then realize there was no hope. So see, progress.

IMG_6743 copy_1_1

But actually, I really like the simply yellow cake. So sometimes it works out.

Now of course, the VERY first thing a one year old is going to do when you put a cake with a lit candle in front of her is try and grab the flame.


Luckily Papa was to the rescue!

However, after the collective gasp/scream from the spectators, Little Sister was feeling a little uneasy about the whole thing!


But she did warm up to it.


Big Sister helped with the candle.

(I think she likes it!)

I wish I was allowed to eat cake with such abandon! Oh well, I guess I had my chance almost 30 years ago. . .



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  2. aw, c'mon. you can eat cake like that. g'ahead. you know you want to.


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