Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yellow Birthday Party —The guests

For this sunny affair, I imposed a dress code. You had to wear yellow. And surprisingly, everyone did!! (Yes, I had my doubts!!) I even had to purchase a shirt to follow my own rules. But I think that it was a lot of fun and hope that our guests agree!

You can decide for yourself:

The birthday girl in all her yellow splendor. Notice the matching yellow bruise on her forehead? Proof that she is just mastering walking—but not yet fully!

My Mom (YiaYia to the Sisters) and Grandma—the force behind the party. I planned, they implemented. Wouldn't have gotten everything done without them! Or I wouldn't have slept. . .or both!






(I think if you look around at the other pictures you can guess who this little man belongs to!)


Somehow, the silly felt bow tie worked for him . . .



Aww. . .Sweet cousins.

I had considered setting up a "photo booth" but then thought that no one would really get into it. And while I'm glad I didn't get too crazy with that I idea, I do regret not getting photos of everyone. I thought I'd manage to catch each person somewhere in my candid shots, but that was not the case.

What I wish I would have done, and will probably start doing, is set aside an area to take pictures that is decorated in some manner that goes with the theme. Then either take family pictures or random group shots to be sure that I don't miss anyone. I don't want it to be formal, but I am regretting that I don't see myself or Nate, Papa Rob, Aunt Kristin or Jenny in any of these photos but they were such a big part of the day.

If there were only a way to go back . . .

So, would you have worn yellow?



  1. Now I REALLY feel bad about my green shirt. Thank goodness for the yellow flower pins (which I plan on wearing on my jacket this fall)!! Cute pictures, Lori!

  2. Lori- Great party! I am just sayin' right now (b/c in 5 short months it will be Lo's 1st bday!!) I am thinking about stealing all your neat ideas! I love the color theme and the "photo booth" idea!!! Looks like fun!


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