Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday!!


When did this itty-bitty, tiny, cuddly thing turn into this?????


Little Miss turned 2 this weekend. I have no idea where the time has gone! She's turning into such a funny, interesting little person, but Geez! I thought I'd have my baby for a little bit longer than this!!

Her party sort of morphed from a loose fish-y theme into Ariel. She found one of Big's Ariel dolls and sort of latched on, so it just made sense to go with it. However, I feel a little guilty to admit that I due to my busy schedule, I wasn't able to throw one of my usual parties. Even still, guests noshed on Sand Castle rice crispy treats, fish bowl jello & dirt cups complete with rocks and worms.


So umm. . .the "fish bowls" worked a whole lot better in theory. Make blue jello, pour in cups, add a swedish fish about an hour later and ta-dah! Only, the swedish fish don't hold up so well in jello. . .In fact, they become down-right gross. They looked a little more like dead fish. . .. I gave one a taste because after all, I was serving them to people, so I had to at least TRY them.


They were disgusting.
I spit it out.
And wiped my tongue off.

I think a better bet is to get plastic fish or something that you won't eat. Still gets the idea across and doesn't ruin perfectly good jello! (the jello in this case was fine, you just had to eat around the gross fish.)

To top it all off. . . I didn't make the cake. . . GASP!!!


This party was a lesson on letting go for me. :) Sometimes, a little less is really more important. And there will definitely be more parties that I can go all out on in the future.

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