Sunday, September 12, 2010

This Kid!!

I know I keep saying it, but you just don't understand!!!

This kid absolutely cracks me up!!!!

My Dad made that doll cradle for me when I was little girl and now my Little loves it. Only I don't know that I've ever seen her put a doll in it!

Before I ran downstairs to grab my camera she had somehow managed to contort herself and was curled up inside, head all the way down, no giant book. She keeps getting bigger and somehow STILL manages to find a way to fit.

Both my girls are funny.
However, Big does things in order to get a laugh,
whereas Little just can't help it. 
She probably doesn't even know she's funny.

Crazy kid.
Oh how I love her!!

xoxo Lori Danelle


  1. Hey Lori - I ran across your blog via someone else's. My name is Joy (Claassen), now George. I used to live in Whitewater. Not sure if you remember me??
    It's a small world too, b/c I used to be good friends (still are, but haven't seen her in a long time) with your brothers fiancee, Joni. She's such an awesome and amazing girl! Your brother is so blessed. :)

    Anyways...Your little girls are super cute. I
    enjoy reading your blog here and again.



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