Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What Little did this time.

We took the girls to the zoo over the weekend. Generally we avoid the petting zoo area like the plague because, well. . .it's kind of gross. :)

But this time we went ahead and took the girls inside. At this zoo, they don't have those machines where you pay a quarter and get some pellet things to feed the goats, which then teaches the goats that every person who comes around them must have food, no matter how tiny they might be. So, instead of having safe goats for small children to pet, you get goats jumping up on 2-year olds and practically trampling the child along with the adult who is trying to save them from the stampeding goats. (no. . .that never happened to me. . . {insert sarcastic font here}).

They got smart here in Nashville and just have plastic brushes for the kids to brush the goats instead.

{I didn't have a card in my camera once we got to the zoo, thus I didn't have my camera! Grabbed these photos off the web & cropped out the little ones who don't belong to me. . . had to at least give you a visual of what I'm talking about!! }

Good idea, right?
Well, usually, yes.

Enter Little. 

Have I told you about her fascination with shoes?
Well, she saw the brushes and she decided that they were NOT brushes.
Clearly, they were shoes.

And then insisted on taking off her own shoes and putting them on her feet.

I tried to tell her that they were not shoes, while also recognizing that it really didn't matter, so I drew the line at insisting that she wear her other shoe until she found another brush to replace it with.  Once the second brush was procured, she proceeded to tromp around the petting zoo and pet all the goats while the zoo keeper had a good laugh.

To end my story, I'll relieve your fears that it was difficult to get her to leave sans brushes. In fact it was quite easy. After wearing her new shoes for quite a while, a young boy sees her, eyes me oddly (as if thinking "Really? You're letting her do that?") and informs us, "Those aren't shoes. Those are brushes," and runs off.

Little stops.
She looks up at me.
She looks down at her feet.
She takes her "shoes" off and holding them, looks back up at me and exclaims excitedly, "Brushes!!!!"

?!?!?!?!? Umm . . . Yeah. I think I told you that a few hundred times.

Geez.   :)

xoxo Lori Danelle


  1. Such a cute story! She's really funny!

  2. That is really funny! How are you friend? Haven't heard from you in awhile!

  3. Hey Lori Danelle, a friend just sent me the link to your blog, and I am glad to have found it! Love the brush story, too. I will be back to read more. thanks!


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