Friday, September 10, 2010

Inspiration for Today: 09.10.2010

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One of the reasons I love paper, and more specifically, paper cutting is because of how diverse it can be. Some of us cut crazy intricate things out of one sheet of paper, while others use multiple pieces and colors to create fantastical illustrations.

Enter Brittney Lee.

Um, Wow!

{ image via Brittney Lee }

Definitely check out her blog for more and her etsy shop as well as she sells prints of her painted illustrations. I love the whimsy and color in her art! Definitely eyeing the mini bird prints!!

One of the first things I noticed about her art is her style. . .and how familiar it seems. Turns out, from my quick perusal of her blog, it looks like most of us have seen her work before—She seems to be an animator with Disney!
How's that for a job!?
Is it still considered a job when you're a creative for Disney??  :)

Anyway, Brittney Lee. Go check her out. You'll love it!

xoxo Lori Danelle

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