Friday, May 1, 2009

From our backyard

I love the spring! Warm days and evenings. Sitting in the yard as the sun sets. Watering the garden.


Trying not to cringe as she gets her new dress all muddy.


(My inner voice is telling me it's not that important and to let her just be a kid and proud of herself for "doing it" herself. Besides, that's why we buy OxyClean, right?)

Playing on the swings as dinner is being grilled.


Hanging out with Nana. (and being all shy)


(I think she's starting to get sick of me and my camera!!)

Oh, and today Nate is taking the girls to the library where there is supposed to a marionette show! I told Nate to take the camera, so perhaps I'll have some pictures to show later today or tomorrow.

And last night I got a bunch of the bloomers cut out so I'll be at my sewing machine this weekend!!


  1. your pics are so great, what kink of camera do you have?

  2. just a digital canon rebel. (Plus, I know how to photoshop. . .something I kinda' learned in school. You know, that whole graphic design thing. Bad lighting? Fake it!!!)


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