Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bloomers=Clown pants

I hesitate to say this, I would like to think highly of Heather Ross and the book that she poured a lot of time and energy into. However, I've made the bloomers. They look like clown pants (or shorts, I guess) when I put them on Charlie.


This morning Nate told Charlie he was going to start calling them her Shakespeare pants!


Now I'm trying to decide if I should attempt to fix them, or just go with it as she's only supposed to wear them around the house. There's just a lot of excess fabric that makes her look silly, not cute. I'll probably just try to shorten the leg on the ones I haven't completely sewn up yet and call it good. If I'm going to steal time to sew, I'd rather spend it on something better than bloomers!

And now I know better for next time!

******(5/7/2009) I've been looking at this blog and have been wondering what it would look like if I just took the elastic out of the pant legs. . .I might have to change the profile a little, but it may be a good solution, especially since I can easily put in a waistband without finishing the leg to find out!


  1. I like them,,, could you put a dart on the side??

  2. I have a few plans, just not sure it's worth the time and effort. Maybe next time!

  3. well, that is one BEAUTIFUL clown you have there!!!!!!


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