Saturday, May 9, 2009

Upcoming Project

I ordered fabric yesterday from QuiltHome finally deciding on a combination of Amy Butler fabric:

The plan is to make her Barcelona skirt with the apron. I'm really looking forward to sewing again and have my mind full of projects. . .just not sure when I'll find the time! In addition to sewing I also need to sand down and paint a couple of old dressers for the girls, tile our bathroom enclosure, help Nate with painting the house, and we need to finish our kitchen! And that's the very abbreviated list!

It's frustrating to have things you WANT to do, but can't because of your responsibilities. I think when I started this blog I envisioned it showing project after project that I was working on. But right now, that's just not realistic. I work full time, have a baby and a two year old that need a lot of attention, we're slowly remodeling our house (slowly because of the first 2 on this list), and doing my best to fit quality time with my husband in there. I love all of these things and wouldn't trade them, but when you have a long list of "have to" or "should do" that fills your day, regardless of what it is, sometimes you just wish for a moment when no one needs anything of you and you get to decide how you spend that time. Whether it's sewing cute little clothes for the girls, for myself, or something for the house, going shopping, or reading a book, it's nice to get to slip "want to do" into your day!

Hope you have a great weekend and have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow. I've caught glimpses of Nate and Charlie working on something in the backyard that involves cement. . .When I know more, I'll put up some pictures!!

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