Monday, May 4, 2009

Only one casualty

Yesterday morning, while sitting on my front porch with my husband, we made a very pleasant discovery!!


A pair of cardinals have decided make their nest in the holly tree right off of our porch! Of course, I had to take pictures of the little eggs inside—


Unfortunately, I couldn't see inside to take a good picture—I didn't want to upset Mamma bird more than I already was, so I just stuck my camera up there and snapped!

All the while, Mamma was nearby chirping away at me and apparently calling Daddy bird to the rescue, because he showed up pretty quickly!



Not sure what will happen and if we'll be able to use our front door once the eggs hatch. I've seen birds get pretty protective of the baby birds—as what Momma wouldn't??—and not let people anywhere in the vicinity. . .back door people we will become!!!

Yesterday was also a big day for us. Nate is painting the house and in the midst of scraping discovered that the upstairs window is somehow pulling out. So we spent some time replacing rotten boards and re-enforcing what's there. Nate was outside on the ladder while Charlie and I were inside "helping."



It was really quite high up, so I would hang on to the ladder when ever possible just to give an added sense of security—not sure how much help that REALLY was, but I'm sure I took some of the bounce out of the ladder—and handed him tools as needed. Charlie was very interested in the entire proceedings and like to hand tools to Daddy when not needed and show her baby doll the open window. Though it would have been near impossible to keep her away from the window, it did make Nate a little nervous to have her so close since he couldn't be aware of whether she was safe or not, like I was (honestly, I probably had my hand on her the entire time). Despite my constant vigilance in regards to her, we did have one casualty.


Charlie's baby got too close to the edge and made a flying leap to the ground.

Sadly, she dropped her pacifier a bit later and was much more tore up over its demise than her baby being dropped. . . .definitely knows her priorities!


  1. that freaked me out! that baby picture! ahh!

    i did respond to your question of which house we were.
    sometime the responses go to spam.
    but yes...we are the candy cane house.
    and i am loving charolette's more and more.

    you have a great site lori!

  2. I'm with Meg - ouch on the picture! :) Poor baby!

  3. Oh, I did want to say: That doll usually does have clothes on. . .they were in the washing machine at the time. However, the naked doll does add to the disturbing aesthetic, if you ask me.

    Also, Meg, glad to hear my memory is working well. I remember that bay of windows . . .which may be your kitchen(?) used to have a giant fish tank in it that I would stare at longingly as we drove by.

  4. So great! Great to meet you @ yoga tonight! Check out the bird nest on our porch on my blog:


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