Thursday, May 21, 2009

Roller Blades: 1; Me: 0

In an attempt to get in shape and thus be able to keep up with my 2 year old, I've been trying to walk during my lunches on a portion of trails running along the nearby river, referred to as the Greenway.


The other day, I had the brilliant idea of roller blading the trail instead of walking.

So yesterday, I pulled on my dusty rollar blades, considered my options as far as the direction I should take: Right would take me through a bit of the rolling park, over some small bridges, and past a golf course.


Left would lead me to the river, over the pedestrian bridge, down a cork screw of death and then on to a level path through trees and sweet smelling honeysuckle.


When in tennis shoes, I go left, but on roller blades, well that cork screw of death seemed a little ambitious, so I went Right.

Only what looked like nice rolling hills in shoes, wasn't so nice and rolling. (Perhaps the sign should have clued me in!!)


I started down my first "little hill" and found myself quickly picking up speed. I applied my brake, only it wasn't working so well at that decline. . .and was rapidly becoming faced with a decision. At the bottom of this hill was a bridge.


Logic told me that if I attempted the bridge at my current speed while still feeling completely unsteady on the wheeled contraptions strapped to my feet, there was a very big chance that I would fall. To the side of the trail was grass. . .I chose the grass. And the grass gave me some pretty good and surprisingly painful bruises.
Makes me glad I didn't choose the bridge!


Oh,and just so you know. Today, I'll be walking.


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  1. This one had me laughing so hard I was crying. I could just picture you. See, you're brave too!


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