Thursday, May 28, 2009

More camping pictures

I had a lot of pictures that I really liked, but didn't want to make one gigantic post, so here are a few more:

Charlie loved seeing the cows, horses and sheep around the area. Right next to the camp grounds where we were staying was a farm that had cows. Charlie made friends with a little 4-year-old girl in a neighboring campsite. It was so cute to watch Charlie try and straddle the fence like she was or hang from the highest beam. I had to keep reminding her that she was shorter.
However, my favorite quote of the weekend came from that little girl while we were watching the cows

"Those are my favorite kind of horses!"



We took more shoes on this trip!! I think we each had AT LEAST 3 pairs along. Charlie won though with 6 pairs. I thought it would be wise to be prepared for anything. At least her shoes are small. . .


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