Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Trip to the zoo

This weekend we spent a lot of time sitting on our porch watching the rain. It's been doing that a lot lately.
Luckily though, Sunday was wonderful! Cool and sunny. Perfect for the zoo. Charlie requested that we see the elephants first.
Usually we don't go into the petting zoo portion, Nate thinks it's gross and disease infested. He's right, but I guess now that Charlie is old enough to enjoy the animals, he's decided it's worth the risk. So we made our first venture in to pet the goats!! Charlie even got to brush them. She was pretty fearless!


I really liked this guy's face.

It's funny, when introducing new animals, we found ourselves relating them to books that we read to Charlie.
"This is a Llama, Charlie! Like in Llama, Llama, Mad at Momma!"

The other fun thing about the zoo: Cool flowers!


Also, last week I received my fabric from QuiltHome.com complete with a personalized note.
How often does that happen??
Over the weekend I was able to knock out 2 skirts (one of which I'm wearing right now!), but until I get pictures up, I'll let the anticipation build by sharing some of the fabric with you!!



  1. At first I thought the first picture of Peyton was somehow in an oddly shaved armpit or something. After a while of staring I realize now its probably more likely a chest/neck. That makes more sense. : ) I don't think Taryn has anything that Charlie is wearing so I'm proud of us for learning to separate our toddler clothes purchases. : ) Can't wait to see the skirt! Linds

  2. Yes, before I go buy Charlie new clothes, I think to myself, "Where would Lindsey shop?" and then I go somewhere else! :)


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