Monday, May 11, 2009

Slugs like beer?

It all started when we noticed that our little growing garden had some really big holes in them.


After spraying insectasoap and other methods will very little results, my husband decided to inspect the leaves at night. He found slugs. I didn't even know slugs ate plants, just thought they were gross slimy things that just left a gross trail behind them wherever they went. But here they were, eating our basil, despite my ignorance.

So after a little bit of searching on the internet, my husband goes on a beer run. Not for us, but for the slugs. The theory is that the beer, placed in shallow bowls or saucers, attracts the slugs and then (I'm sorry) they drown.

So Nate and I head out to our backyard with flashlights, bowls, beer, and boots and gloves (me).


Then, I saw it. I may have dreams about this slug. Bad ones.


It was the biggest slug I've EVER seen. Until a few minutes later. They were EVERYWHERE!


But, they did like the beer.


And I panicked. I don't like creepy, crawly things. Especially creepy, crawly, slimy things. I don't do bugs, and now, I don't do slugs. My husband may have a hard time getting me to go outside after dark. Which is unfortunate because we just got a great old Amish made big picnic table.

Nate just popped his head in the house to tell me he's winning. He's taking this very seriously.

I'd prefer not to know they exist. (just being honest.)

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