Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Yucky Dress!"

Last night I whipped up a dress I've been planning for Charlie. It was my first attempt at smocking, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out and how much fun it is to do!


This morning I showed it to Charlie, who promptly and adamantly said "Yucky dress! Yucky dress!" I've heard similar sentiments before in regards to both dresses and things I've made her, so I try not to take it too personally. . .but come on! I just made it for her and she says she doesn't like it? I could have been sewing for myself then.

However, I took the high road and didn't make a big deal about it and just set it aside. When she woke up from her nap I pulled it out as the family was all getting together and I thought it would look cute, but still be cool enough for playing outside. After a few tears, which strangely, happens fairly regularly no matter what it is we're putting on her, the dress was on and she was cute.


When we got home and were getting Charlie ready for bed, I was in the process of putting the dress away and she says "I like that dress."


What?! My 2 year-old just said she liked something I made her? Can this be? So, just to be sure, I asked her if that was what she said. She said "yeah" and then to be really really sure, I asked her if she'd like to wear it again sometime and still the answer remained affirmative! Glory, hallelujah, I'm not sure what happened, but believe me when I say, that made my night. I know that I needn't take anything negative she says too seriously, but still, for her to just offer up, without prompting, that she likes a dress, well, there's no better compliment.

Now hopefully she'll like the Fourth of July version of the dress that I'm currently making for her, Peyton and their cousin! (That's not too much to ask, Right?)


  1. The dress looks adorable on her!

  2. How am I just finding your blog!
    I'm so excited!
    LOVE the dress. I have always wanted to learn to smock.
    I know there is a slight age difference, but let's get our 4 girlies together sometime.
    What fun!


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