Thursday, May 7, 2009


I live in a very small house in an up-and-coming neighborhood in the downtown Nashville area. When my husband I bought the house, our plan was to live there 2 or 3 years and then move on to something a little more family friendly. A few months after moving in we found out we were pregnant. The spare room in which we had our "gym" was turned into a nursery and our plans got pushed back a little bit. 9 months after Charlie was born, we found out we were having another. Our upstairs TV/family room and office/craft area became the girls' room and the downstairs nursery became the office and plans were pushed even further back.

Only in actuality, Peyton has never made it upstairs to the shared bedroom. Instead the downstairs office is a crazy catch-all room that includes Peyton's bedroom and a desk. Only the desk is really just there to store stuff as it is impossible to use that room as anything else when there is a sleeping baby occupying it.

This all means that when I sew, I have to take over the dining room table. And as most projects do not fit nicely into the hour or two I have to sew here and there, my stuff gets strewn out for days, stressing everyone out with the mess and lack of place to eat.


This buffet sits in our dining room and has very random stuff in it. (also, notice the sewing machine sitting to the side.) It has been missing a shelf on half of it for about 3 years now, which, for 3 years now, my mother-in-law has told us is in her basement. Yesterday, Nate finally went and got it so that I can re-allocate most of the stuff over to the other side and find new homes for the rest, turning this half into my sewing craft storage.

Notice the empty wine racks taking up most of the space? I don't think they've ever held more than 2 bottles at a time. They can be put away for the time being!

I'm really excited. This will allow me to easily put my stuff away while I'm working on a project and not feel like I have to devote every waking moment to that project just to get it out of the dining room even though other things, such as dishes and the house are being ignored. Also, all my supplies will be easily accessible and I won't have to worry about waking Peyton when I forget something.

Of course, as soon as I get this all set up Peyton's sleep schedule with miraculously come in line with Charlie's and we'll move her up to her real room and this will all be a waste, but in just in case that doesn't happen. . .I'll go ahead as I have planned!

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