Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Camping over Memorial Day Weekend

We took advantage of the long weekend and decided to take Charlie on her first camping trip.


Granted, we cheated a bit and stayed in an older pop-up camper that I somehow inherited from my parents (Thank You!) but still, a 2 year old without a microwave?! We're brave. (OK, so it wasn't that big of a deal)


I feel like I just watched Charlie get older over the weekend though. She tested herself and found she could do it, whatever "it" was!

She played on the playground equipment without Nate or I hovering nearby to make sure she didn't fall as she climbed up or catch her at the bottom of the slide and would watch all the "bid kids" and do just what they were doing.


She put her hand in a waterfall


Walked across a swinging rope bridge! (on a different day from when this photo was taken)


We even decided to take a fairly long hike with her, fully expecting to have to carry her the entire way as we had tried a shorter hike the day before with very little success.


(in her defense, it was pretty close to nap time when we tried it.)


To our surprise, on our second try she wouldn't let us carry her! She hiked a little over a mile in and most of the way out.
And she didn't take the easy route. She always went straight for the rocks and the roots that were sticking up. She was fearless!!
(Unfortunately, because I thought I would have my hands full with a 2 year old, I did not take my camera along for that hike!! always happens like that, doesn't it?)


We even took her canoeing on our way home (but didn't think my camera would be safe in a very tip-able canoe!)


When did she get so big and brave? Where did my little baby go? I feel like I turned around and all of a sudden I had this little girl living at my house. It's fun to watch her grow and test herself, but I miss the part of her that will never be again. I look at Peyton (who can crawl now, as of yesterday!) and am realizing how short of a time they are babies. Right now, her kisses are the wet, mouth open, laughing the whole time, kisses. And while they're kind of gross. . .they're also sweet and endearing.
I think being a Mom is a game of tug-of-war on the emotions. Wanting them to grow and gain independence, but also wishing they could stay little and dependent on you forever. It's nice knowing someone needs you more than they need anyone else.


  1. Well said Lori! I know Lo is only 4 months, but she is changing everyday! PS I love those sloppy wet open mouth kisses!

  2. Wow. Your pictures and words sure brought back a lot of good memories from when you were that age. Thanks!


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